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Name Position Phone
Barbare, Rick Instructor, Religion/Speech 864-941-8552
Beck, Evelyn Department Head, English and Social Sciences; AA/AS Transfer Coordinator 864-941-8450
Brackett, Kathryn Instructor, English; Director, Honors Program 864-941-8451
Brewington, Delmar Instructor, English 864-941-8432
Brown, Meredith Instructor, Psychology 864-941-8573
Burden, Heather Instructor, English 864-941-8667
Carl, Bryan Instructor, Biology 864-941-8606
Colley, Greg Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8429
Crawford, Lisa Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8463
Edwards, John Instructor, Physics 864-941-8462
Gregory, Melissa Administrative Assistant, Arts and Sciences 864-941-8447
Griffin, Patty Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8528
Griggs, Bradley Dean, Arts and Sciences 864-941-8630
Hayes, Melissa Instructor, Biology 864-941-8456
Henry, David Instructor, Biology 864-941-8570
Ivey, Robert Instructor, Social Sciences 864-941-8510
Jackson, Pamela Instructor, Biology 864-938-1505 ext. 211
Jenkins, LaKeya Instructor, English 864-941-8609
Ligon, Lebbie Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8406
Lindsey, Richard Instructor, Political Science 864-941-8738
Lopes, Jennifer Instructor, Spanish 864-941-8732
Luker, Tonia Instructor, English 864-941-8459
McDonnell, Chuck Instructor, English/Humanities 864-941-8457
Miller, Alexander Instructor, Philosophy 864-941-8658
Morris, Lee Instructor, Biology 803-768-8182
Morvey, Daniel Instructor, Economics 864-941-8513
Neal, Kim Department Head/Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8672
Papleacos, Spiros Instructor, English 864-938-1510
Renwick, Marc Instructor, Biology 803-768-8158
Rincon, Fernando Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8461
Sanquintin, Jose Instructor, Spanish 864-941-8673
Smoak, Dale Department Head, Sciences; Instructor, Biology 864-941-8453
Soppe, Rebecca Instructor, English 864-941-8580
Staley-Abney, Nita Instructor, Psychology 864-941-8554
Sumerel, Dee Department Head, Humanities; Instructor, Speech/English 864-941-8455
Taylor, Sherry Instructor, Mathematics 864-941-8423
Tolbert, Joe Instructor, Art History/Appreciation 864-941-8399
Wanning, Margaret Instructor, English 864-941-8452
Welch, Scorpio Instructor, English 864-941-8721
Westall, Cami Instructor, History 864-941-8458
Wills-Miller, Victoria (Tory) Instructor, Economics 864-941-8641
Wright, Tracy Instructor, Chemistry 864-941-8469