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Name Position Phone
Amaya, Evan Instructor, Engineering Technology/Mechatronics Technology 864-941-8410
Amos, Tony Instructor, Welding 864-682-3702 ext. 2006
Boiter, Kevin Department Head, HVAC/Industrial Electronics Technology; Instructor, Industrial Electronics Technology 864-941-8467
Calhoun, Phillip Instructor, Machine Tool Technology 864-682-3702 ext. 2008
Capone, Jerry Program Director/Instructor, Gunsmithing 864-941-8753
Crowder, JC Instructor, Mechatronics 864-941-8355
Dixon, Charles Instructor, Industrial Electronics Technology 864-941-8656
Fleming, Jim Program Director/Instructor, Welding 864-941-8470
Gaskin, Don Instructor, Automotive Technology 864-941-8498
Kibler, David Interim Dean, Engineering and Industrial Technologies 864-941-8475
Koster, Bob Department Head, Metal Trades; Instructor, Machine Tool Technology 864-941-8471
Ladd, Jim Instructor, Welding 864-941-8710
Lytch, Don Instructor, Machine Tool Technology 864-941-8472
Moore, Kevin Coordinator/Instructor, Mechatronics Technology 803-768-8181
Roche, Bobby Program Director/Instructor, Building Construction Technology 864-941-8465
Slimmer, Maggie Administrative Assistant, Engineering and Industrial Technologies 864-941-8486
Smith, Joe Instructor, Automotive Technology 864-941-8468
Tallent, Keenan Interim Program Director/Instructor, HVAC Technology 864-941-8473