A.A.S., Major in Diversified Agriculture

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This curriculum provides students with technical knowledge in Animal Science, Farm Maintenance, Welding, Farm Soil Conditions, Environmental and Natural Resources with advanced technical knowledge in sustainable agriculture, field crop production, pest management, soil and water management, hydraulics & pneumatics, agriculture economics and marketing related to the agricultural industry.

Also included is an internship program to provide students with real hands-on experiences in the agriculture industry.

Program Location: Saluda County

Contact Information: Hugh Bland


Required Courses

Additional Program Information


Day Program

AGR 206 Basic Farm Maintenance 4.0
MAT 170 Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry I 3.0
BIO 101 Biological Science I
or HRT 110 Plant Form and Function
ENG 165 Professional Communication 3.0
  or ENG 101 English Composition I 3.0
FOR 104 Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resources 1.0
CWE 101 Cooperative Work Experience Preparation 1.0
HRT 125 Soils 4.0
AGR 203 Introduction to Animal Science 4.0
AGR 211 Applied Agriculture Calculations 3.0
ART 101 Art History and Appreciation 3.0
  or other approved Humanities/fine art course  
SUMMER TERM Credit Hours
AGR 210 SCWE in Agriculture 8.0
AGR 207 Field Crop Production 3.0
AGR 201 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture 3.0
HRT 127 Soil and Water Management 4.0
AGR 205 Pest Management
or HRT 144 Plant Pests
PSY 103 Human Relations 3.0
  or PSY 201 General Psychology  
AGR 209 Introduction to Agriculture Marketing 3.0
AGR 208 Introduction to Agriculture Economics 3.0
HRT 101 Introduction to Horticulture 3.0
SPC 205 Public Speaking 3.0
BUS 101 Introduction to Business
or ACC 101 Accounting Principles I
Total Credit Hours 69.0
* Students wishing to transfer to a 4-year college should consult advisor for possible higher level requirements and for other transferable course information.

Updated 4/10/2014


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement – The Diversified Agriculture program provides students with advanced technical knowledge in Sustainable Agriculture, Field Crop Production, Pest Management, Soil and Water Management, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Agriculture Economics and Marketing related to the Agricultural Industry. Also included is an Internship program to provide students with real hands-on experiences in the Agriculture Industry.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Use crop protection principles

  2. Grow and maintain field crops

  3. Demonstrate appropriate soil and water management

  4. Demonstrate appropriate pest management

  5. Market agriculture commodities

  6. Operate and maintain field/agriculture equipment

  7. Demonstrate safe equipment operation

  8. Demonstrate appropriate livestock handling procedures

  9. Maintain structure and animal environment

  10. Compute nutritional needs of livestock.

  11. Proficient in daily agricultural calculations.


Advisement Information

  • The majority of this program will be offered at the Saluda County Campus.

  • Students planning to transfer to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) may wish to take an additional elective in Business.

  • Students considering transfer to Clemson may pursue the A.A.S. in Agriculture or Horticulture and consult with Hugh Bland about taking additional science (biology and chemistry) and higher level math coursework.

  • If possible, please refer all new students majoring in Agriculture or Horticulture to Hugh Bland. 

Advising Information updated 4/18/2012