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The Entrepreneurship certificate is designed to give students the basic business concepts necessary to start and operate their own small business.

It is useful for Industrial Technology students, for example, who have gained technical skill, but may be lacking the business understanding to make their new venture successful. Current entrepreneurs may also benefit from this class as they will gain practical knowledge useful in growing and managing their existing business. The certificate introduces students to various core business
aspects found in all businesses.

Program Location: Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens County, McCormick, Newberry, Saluda

Contact Information: Sissy Copeland


Required Courses

Additional Program Information


Day Program

ACC 101 Accounting Principles I 3.0
CPT 101 Introduction to Computers 3.0
MGT 120 Small Business Management 3.0
MKT 101 Marketing 3.0
BUS 121 Business Law 3.0
MKT 135 Customer Service Techniques 3.0
  Elective Business 3.0
  Elective Business 3.0
Total Credit Hours: 24.0

Updated 4/18/2012


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement - The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Certificate is to provide students with basic business concepts necessary to start and operate their own small business.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

1.  Demonstrate an understanding of the basic laws of contracts in the legal framework of business operations.

2.  Apply basic marketing techniques to develop simple promotion, pricing, and distribution plans, and to identify markets.

3.  Demonstrate knowledge of accounting principles and techniques essential for managing the operations of a small business. 


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Advisement Information

  • Students should have test scores indicating readiness for ENG 101 and MAT 120; advise for developmental courses if needed.

  • Prerequisite for all BAF, BUS, MGT, MKT, & ACC courses is RDG 100 or appropriate placement test scores.

  • Review PTC Pathway or BANNER for specific course prerequisites.

  • Online courses with a prefix of BAF, BUS, MGT, MKT, ACC and ECO must have completed CPT 141 or CPT 101 within five years or have a TRA score of 70 or higher.

  •  Starting fall 2014, CPT 101 and advanced courses (AOT 165, CPT 172, CPT 274 and IST 281) will use Office 2013.

  • All CPT 101 students will purchase a textbook that is packaged with an access code for mylabsplus, an online course management system.  All AOT and Business students taking CPT 172, CPT 274, AOT 165 and/or IST 281 will purchase a textbook for each class.  All textbooks are packaged with an access code.  Each access code is valid for 6 months from the date it is first used.

  • RDG 100 is a prerequisite for CPT 101. If a student needs developmental coursework the first semester, advise for CPT 141, if required, followed by CPT 101.

  • CPT 274 may be counted as one of the two business electives.

Advisement Information updated 6/11/2014