Machine Tool Technology Program

In Piedmont Technical College's Machine Tool Technology program, you’ll get a full introduction to the field and practical experience in machining operations used in practically every manufacturing industry.

A machinist can take raw materials and produce a specialized finished product or item through knowledge that is a combination of theoretical information and hands-on experience. With practical experience in bench work, floor work, assembly layout, selected milling machine operations, lathe, shaper, drill press, computer numerical control programming and machining, machine tool maintenance and inspection, you’ll be prepared to handle a wide range of responsibilities in the metalworking industry.

The skills taught in the machine tool program are in constant demand in our region, and all over the country. Graduates will find that their employment prospects are excellent.

Career Tracks:

  • Demand for machinists is extremely high
  • Regional Salary Range: $22,000-$55,000
  • Further education generally ensures higher salary
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Entry Level Positions:

  • Machinist
  • CNC operator
  • Shop foreman
  • More...

Machinists have an understanding of blueprint reading and schematics, a knowledge of measurement techniques, and the skills required to operate  various types of machinery that will take a part from raw material to a finished product.

These machines can include manually operated machines like lathes, drill presses, milling machines, or grinders, and can progress into what’s called CNC technology, which means "computer numerically controlled".

CNC programmers can write the programs that are used by advanced machines to design a part. When the program is entered into a computer, the computer will tell the machine how to make the part. This is new, up-to-date technology used by virtually every advanced manufacturing company in the world today.

Regional Earnings

*Earnings data for our region from EMSI Analyst


Employment Information

Graduates of Piedmont Technical College's Machine Tool Technology Program are working all over the region and throughout South Carolina. Recent grads have found work with:



Featured Profile

Jared Roach, Student

Jared Roach has found a way to put his mechanical abilities to good use.

The Ware Shoals native graduated from Greenwood Christian School in 2010 and enrolled in the Electronic Engineering Technology program at Piedmont Technical College. But a walk through the machine tool shop changed his life.

Roach had enrolled in the Electrical Engineering Technology program because he had worked with electronics his whole life and had been exposed to the field from his father. It was never something that called to him, though, he said.

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Jared Roach

Machine Tool Technology

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