Cost & Financial Aid

What is Verification?

The Federally mandated verification process causes frustration for many students because it causes delays in their financial aid award.

The way to avoid these delays is to start the financial aid process early. All steps MUST be complete before the tuition deadline. 


Q. I got a letter saying I was selected for verification. What does that mean?

Many students (approximately 50%) are randomly selected for verification. That means the federal government has asked for additional information about your FAFSA, like Federal Tax Forms, W2s, and other income sources.

Students are randomly selected for verification each term.


Q. Once I turn in the additional forms, is my award available?

No. Your forms are compared to the FAFSA you submitted, and about 80% reveal errors on the FAFSA, so IT IS RE-SUBMITTED to the Federal Processor by the Financial Aid Counselor. This takes at least 3 days. When the corrected FAFSA comes in (electronically), the award is processed.