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Associate in Science
When Rossana Cubillan, a native of Venezuela, decided she wanted to study abroad in the United States, her dad gave her two options. She could live with her brother in Texas or her brother in South Carolina. She ended up spending time in both locations, but ultimately chose Greenwood and Piedmont...
Associate in Arts
Graduation: May 2010
Currently: USC Aiken Psychology Grad
Like many recent high school graduates, Zenovia Rayford enrolled at Piedmont Technical College because she knew she needed a college education. But she wasn’t really serious about it--until she got her grades for her first semester. “When I got to Piedmont Technical College, I was all...
Associate in Arts
Graduation: 2010
Currently: Presbyterian College
Stephanie Bohland has found many doors opened for her throughout her life. And most of those were the unexpected kind. Born in Tampa, Fla., she spent the first 10 years of her life moving from military base to military base before the family settled in South Carolina. Bohland always thought she...
Associate in Science
Currently: Graduate Student at U.S.C.
Madison Crisp, a 2011 Clemson graduate, completed two years at Piedmont Tech before transferring. Madison developed a transfer plan early in her time at Piedmont Technical College based on the four-year college she wanted to attend and the major she wanted to pursue. And as a result, when she moved...
Associate in Arts
Graduation: 1999
Currently: Vice President for Student Affairs
Matteel Jones is now a top-level administrator at a two-year college, but her journey started right here at PTC. She completed her Associate in Arts degree at PTC, then went on to obtain a B.A. degree from Limestone, an M.A. from Clemson, and eventually a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina...

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