Summer President's, Dean, Merit Lists Announced

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Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2012 summer term have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Kevin W. Claussen, Stacy M. Mundy and Jessica G. Sutherland, all of Abbeville; Kylie M. Anderson and Ryan M. O’Shields, both of Calhoun Falls; and Josef Myshkovskiy of Due West.

Aiken County - Leonardo A. Harrison of Aiken.

Anderson County - Richard P. Bradshaw of Anderson; and Chad A. Lucas of Pelzer.

Fairfield County - Vanessa A. Moran of Blair.

Greenville County - Michelle N. Hawkins of Travelers Rest.

Greenwood County - Gabriela M. Alvarado-Escobar, David T. Brown, Marion T. Burnside, Brian C. Clark, James H. Cobb, William J. Doherty, Jonathan B. Hord, Candida A. Hutchinson, Colby L. McDaniel, Buddy S. McDowell, William C. Nickles, Nikita S. Parks, Mayra L. Santiago, Robert D. Tompkins, Brian E. Turnblom, John B. Waters, Tyler J. Wells and Robert H. Williams, all of Greenwood; Harrison P. Light and Jessica L. Wakefield, both of Hodges; Phillip K. Jenkins, Jonathan Scott and Theodore N. Thomas, all of Ninety Six; Melissa A. Crain, Kara J. Doyle and Brandon P. White, all of Ware Shoals.

Kershaw County - Jonathan V. Proctor of Lugoff.

Laurens County - Sara C. Waters of Clinton; Allison M. Schofield of Gray Court; Logan H. Brewer, Terrell Burton, Sara N. Farhan, Bryson K. Faulkner, Faith D. Rayborn and Valerie I. Sheppard, all of Laurens; and Dewey B. Harling of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Tearsa D. White of Swansea.

Lincolnton, Ga., - Delando J. Clark.

McCormick County - Anthony G. Quarles of McCormick.

Newberry County - Braden Iusti of Kinards; Dustin J. Floyd and Nathan J. Smith, both of Newberry; Bonnie S. Alger and Henry A. Brandt, both of Prosperity; and Lauren N. Boyter of Whitmire.

Pompano Beach, Fla., - Benjamin J. Gallo.

Richland County - Michael D. Shields of Columbia.

Saluda County are Lynette E. Deloach of Batesburg; Johnathan J. Shealy and Christall A. Thomas, both of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Raymond P. Ridgeway of Wellford.

Dean’s List students include:

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better.

Abbeville County - Nathan W. Freeman and Cody H. McIntire, both of Abbeville; JeColby T. Davis and Hannah W. Shea, both of Due West.

Chesapeake, Va., - Rebekah F. Tilson.

Greenville County - Atlanta Palmer of Piedmont.

Greenwood County - Mark A. Beitzel, Jennifer D. Hill, Therone W. Jones, Dustin R. Kopplin, Robin L. Singletary, Kalyn R. Templeton and Amy L. Masters, all of Greenwood; and Cilicia N. Brownlee of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Henry J. Campbell, Dustin E. Faulkner, Christopher W. Gregory and George H. Williams, all of Clinton; Justin L. Huffman of Gray Court; Jordan L. Mitchell and Astarria Sheppard, both of Laurens.

Newberry County - Lane N. Branham, Allison S. Elkins, Brittany N. Gary and Sara J. Haaf, all of Newberry; and Ian C. Smith of Prosperity.

Saluda County - Kevin A. Crouch and Marcus P. Long, both of Saluda.

Union County - Joe L. Brown of Whitmire.

Merit List students include:

The Merit List recognizes students who are attending part time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better.

Abbeville County - Abigail J. Abner, Robin C. Claussen, Kimberly D. Cocchia, Dylan K. Ethridge, Jacquelyn E. Garlington, Rachel L. Geer, Debra A. Glover, Norris B. Gray, Lacy M. Harrison, Donald Hill, Christopher L. Kidd, Carl R. Lyons, Merrideth J. New, Robert N. Robinson, Samantha L. Sutton, Hope Swaney, Nolan L. Swartzentruber, Elisabeth K. Timmerman, Tiffney M. Wakefield, Jessica R. Weis, Sheila A. Weitkamp, Stacee R. Whittle, Martavis C. Wideman and Charles F. Willis, all of Abbeville; Charles Fuller of Bradley; Julian W. Hall, Kendra A. Norman, Kalan S. Rogers and Demetrius D. Terry, all of Calhoun Falls; Katherine A. Mulzer and Lynn C. Wooten, both of Donalds; Amanda G. Beverly, Joshua G. Fields, Abigail D. Hershberger and Marc L. Pretot, all of Due West; Kristi A. Gedding and Amanda S. Hicklin, both of Hodges; and Lindsey M. Lowe of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County - Narissa R. Brown of Beech Island; Kiesha L. Daniels, Lori M. Dickson and Reginald J. Key, all of North Augusta; Sara R. Rains of Trenton; and Derek R. Shealy of Wagener.

Anderson County - Linda A. Watts of Anderson; Courtney L. Garrett, Jared McKinsey and Crystal Rhodes, all of Belton; Wendi W. Fisher of Honea Path; Brianna M. Latham of Iva; Charlotte P. Campbell and Lea B. Partain, both of Starr; and Anna R. Bowen of Williamston.        

Augusta, Ga., - Tonette L. Merriweather.

Beaufort County - Kimberly B. Lark of Beaufort.

Darlington County - Devin L. Winburn of Hartsville.

Dillon County - Denise M. Wade of Dillon.

Edgefield County - Alexander A. Cheatham, Felicia Jones and Nathan B. Legrand, all of Edgefield; Janet L. Johnson, Zachariah E. Rearden and Crystal M. Spurlock, all of Johnston; Henry J. Caines of North Augusta; and Mary Y. Adams of Trenton.

Greenville County - Kirsten G. Erickson of Greenville; Stephen C. Goodwin of Greer; and Jarrett B. Jordan and Laura H. Watson, both of Simpsonville

Greenwood County - Jemeca B. Hackett and Leah G. Sherard, both of Bradley; Michael B. Addy, Nicole S. Arnold, Stephen W. Barklow, Anselmo Bautista, Detracuase D. Belcher, Anne-Miller Bell, Jospeh A. Biron, Amanda S. Blocker, Joseph G. Brogan, Jennifer E. Broome, Denver Brown, La’Quita S. Brown, Tonya M. Bullock, Lisa F. Burghardt, Melissa N. Burkhamer, Sean P. Butcher, Ronald G. Cahela, Gwendolyn M. Callaham, Lacodian D. Carter, Shantelle T. Carter, Martin C. Clamp, Kimberly A. Conner, Christopher L. Crawford, Amentha Davis, Brittany D. Davis, Austin M. DePree, Rachel A. DiMarco, Lauren M. Dixon, Gerald Dorn, Tracey R. Drummond, Heather J. Faulkner, Katelyn N. Fleming, Stanley Foggie, Lindsey B. Fox, Shaun D. Garland, Samuel B. George, Tony Gonce, Justin W. Gurney, Clarice A. Hardaway, April D. Hart, Jaretta Hart, Joseph M. Hazel, Ben Herig, Aaron Hewitt, Brandy K. Hudson, Alicia O. Hurley, Samuel R. Hutchinson, Anne D. Hyde, Kevin M. Jackson, Julie E. Jordan, Hayley A. Knight, Dawn J. Lewis, Jordan T. Lollis, Dezi R. Loven, Jason T. Magnuson, Justin M. Magnuson, Patsy H. Manley, Nicholas J. Marshall, Cassidy M. Mathis, Kimberly M. Mayo, Bradley J. McCord, Allan G. McLane, Douglas K. Miller, Holly N. Miller, Carl R. Monson, Michelle F. Moorhead, Lashae N. Morgan, Dustin C. Morrow, David E. Morton, Vanesa S. Mountz, Dedric J. Norman, Sheneca S. Norman, Karol Palecki, Craig D. Palmer, Abrianna L. Parker, Sherry R. Pearson, Keenan B. Phillips, Minh K. Quan, Todd A. Raugh, Cody D. Read, Jesus A. Rivera, Jennifer N. Rodgers, Antonio Rodriguez, Christopher M. Rose, Latonya N. Ross, Tiyonia N. Ross, Stephen J. Rudy, Charles R. Saxon, Kristal D. Sears, Monica L. Seymour, Carvell M. Smith, Christopher C. Smith, Michael P. Smith,, Rondriekus M. Smith, Patricia A. Tate, Karen R. Tisdale, Lindsay M. Tolbert, Jennifer Tran, Khanh Ly H. Tran, Michael J. Voelz, Mary A. Voiselle, Ashley K. Wall, Aaron C. Wallace, John K. Wanto, Sarah K. Watkins, Sharon M. Wells, Tomekia Wells, Precious N. White, Jermiah M. Williams, Kimberly N. Williams, Matthew L. Wilson, Caitlin A. Wood and Roma S. Wornall, all of Greenwood; Stephen C. Akin, Justin Calvert, Christopher E. Day, Althea E. Enwright, Crystal D. Henderson, Bernice Jackson, David D. Sitton, Joseph A. Stawski, Latonia B. Washington and Megan L. Welty-Bayne, all of Hodges; Virginia G. Bryan, Mary S. Butler, William K. Butler, Eshane D. Cooley, Gregory D. Griffin, Taylor L. Hall, Miyioka M. Hill, Steve H. Kesler, Shannon S. Martin, Deanna W. McKee, Kenneth S. Stargel, Tammy C. Walker and Glenn T. Walton, all of Ninety Six; Ketoria S. Calhoun, Cynthia M. Crawford, Jody L. Fine, Nicholas L. Gebo, Shannon W. Grismer, Katherine E. Lollis, Kenneth M. Sails and Stacey Y. Shell, all of Ware Shoals.

Horry County - Michelle R. Lippincott of Conway; and Colby S. Purvis of Myrtle Beach.

Kershaw County - Terdell Mealing of Lugoff.

Lancaster County - Jessie E. Baldwin of Lancaster.

Laurens County - April Baird, Jarrell T. Bellamy, Milton L. Copeland, Marsha A. Davis, Sonya R. Edwards, Donna L. Entrekin, Kelly L. Estes, Brittany N. Hill, Delmon M. Jackson, Robert A. Lindley, Deneen H. McHan, Jean O. Montjoy, Melissa L. Whitmire and Cassandra K. Young, all of Clinton; Carol M. Freeman and Timothy M. Williams, both of Cross Hill; Nichole M. Johnson of Fountain Inn; Lacey O. Bennett and Brandon D. Sitton, both of Gray Court; Zachary A. Mitchum and Brandon L. Prewitt, both of Joanna; Carrie F. Burton, Vanessa M. Cook, Brittnie L. Cox, Kathi S. Craft, Stacy R. Curtis, Samantha S. Davenport, Bobby J. Ellis, Jessica N. Griffin, Robert M. Haggard, Holly K. Hale, Jan C. Hill, Cassie F. Hill-Johnson, Michelle Keith, Joel G. Kuiper, Darren M. Ladd, Benjamin J. Langston, Steven S. McCall, David A. Moore, Sarah E. Orias, Jose M. Reynoso, Richard G. Shell, Shirby J. Smiley, Mary E. Spencer, Shannon S. Thompson and Joseph L. Vaughn, all of Laurens; Elihu P. Watts of Mountville; Charity R. Koschel, Chevis D. Ouzts and Donald A. Pearson, Jr., all of Ware Shoals; Kaysey A. Case-Laughlin, Alex L. Hightower, Danielle P. Long, Kimberely D. Lovejoy, Deborah A. Patrick and Misty M. Todd, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Diana M. Bussard of Chapin; Heather L. Smith of Columbia; Victoria B. Goodwin of Cayce; Larry A. Oneal of Gilbert; Clairessa D. Dinkins, Evelyn D. Temple and Nancy M. Turner, all of Leesville; and Shannon B. Hughes of Lexington.

McCormick County - James M. Davis, Shonda E. Edwards, Jefferson C. Fuller, Jeslyn M. Thomas, Bridget L. Weaghington and Thomas G. Willis, all of McCormick; and Patricia L. Thew of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Brantley V. Snow and Tyler D. Tucker, both of Kinards; Michelle B. Bedenbaugh, Justin S. Frick, Lynn E. Griffin, Emily B. Lake, Debbie B. Metts and Vickie M. Stockman, all of Little Mountain; Stephanie E. Boozer, Christopher L. Brooks, David Castro, Anna L. Coats, Julie D. Culbertson, James A. Ellis, Corey M. Graham, Elizabeth A. Hedgepeth, Sarah E. Jaeger, Meredith Leslie, John F. Martin, Andrea L. Peay, Alexander R. Rikabi, Quanesha D. Rikard, Crystal M. Tarver, Kira C. Thomas, Erika N. Tinsley, Bryan C. Waldrop, Alaina N. Wood and Kashunda Y. Wright-Ruff, all of Newberry; Rebecca M. Cromer, Anna M. Dubovsky and Casey L. Inman, all of Pomaria; Leigha M. Bannister, Amber L. Bensley, Corey W. Cook, Rachel A. Duffie, Cinthia G. Esquivel-Villegas, Madison D. Graham, Emily N. Livingston, Marina L. Miller, Brandon C. Mundy, Daniel J. Parker, Tiffany A. Riddle, Kenny Shealy, Carol T. Smith and Brandy Watson, all of Prosperity; John Q. Calhoun of Silverstreet; Joshua S. Corley, Frederick L. Higgins, Faith A. Long and Mark D. McMurtury, all of Whitmire.

Orangeburg County - Charles Kilgus of Orangeburg.

Pickens County - Jamie Ralston of Central; and Stephanie M. Adams of Clemson.

Richland County - Taylor H. Matthews of Chapin; Daisy L. Burroughs, Cathy K. Fung and Kendra S. Pressley, all of Columbia; Stephanie D. Sweatman of Elgin; Kinley R. Gee and Lauren McGreevy, both of Irmo.

Saluda County - Rickey T. McCary, Jacqulyne D. Myers and Hunter R. Price, all of Batesburg; Jeremiah C. Owings of Ninety Six; Suzanne L. Bird, Kanika Brooks, Kaitlin N. Gibson, Tracy K. Hawkins and Anthony S. Price, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Andrew P. Glover of Chesnee; Kellie R. Woodard of Enoree; and Susie K. Crowder of Woodruff.

Union County - David Jeter and Hugh S. Kean, both of Carlisle.

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