Student Development

Welcome to the Student Development Division Web site.

Our Mission

The mission of the Student Development Division is to design and implement support systems that will foster the growth and development of the whole student and enable the college to become a more effective educational community.  In collaboration with faculty, staff and administration, the division is responsible for providing valuable programs and services to complement the educational process and assist all students in reaching their goals.

In keeping with the college's commitment to excellence, the Student Development Division strives to offer quality services to all students.  With this goal in mind, the division routinely assesses students' experiences as well as their impressions of the college through surveys and questionnaires.  This information is used to improve services on a continuing basis.

Whether you are enrolling or graduating or somewhere in between, you will find our student services professionals ready to assist you along the way.

Division Responsibilities

A wide variety of College functions fall under the Student Development Division, including:

  • Admissions

  • Advisement & Registration

  • Counseling Services

  • Career Services

  • Financial Aid

  • Student Life

  • Student Records



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