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Name Position Phone
Adger, Tia Instructional Specialist, Project Genesis 864-941-8309
Ashley, Debbie Counselor, Student Support Services 864-941-8386
Ashley, Kim Administrative Specialist, Title III 864-941-8356
Burris, Kristine Director, Student Support Services 864-941-8697
Burton, Sandra Counselor, Student Support Services 864-941-8650
Carruth, Renee Director, Title III 864-941-8632
Coleman, Steve Director, Project Genesis 864-941-8603
Gilchrist, Betty Jean Administrative Specialist, Student Support Services 864-941-8385
Klauck, Cindy Dean, Counseling and Career Planning 864-941-8685
Moton, Belinda Administrative Specialist, Project Genesis 864-941-8657
Omundson, Andy Dean of Students 864-941-8376
Reynolds, Rose Project Genesis Counselor 864-941-8382
Saxon, Sharon Counselor, Title III 864-941-8422
Willimon, Haven Career Specialist, Title III 864-941-8518