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Name Position Phone
Adams, Kendall Program Director/Instructor, Commercial Art 864-941-8474
Alexander, Angel Instructor, Administrative Office Technology 864-941-8515
Bowers, Joe Instructor, Business/Management 864-941-8502
Brown, Menka Instructor, Administrative Office Technology 864-941-8343
Cheek, Bill Instructor, Computer Technology 864-941-8747
Copeland, Sissy Dean, Business Information Technologies & Public Service 864-941-8501
Daulton, Judy Instructor, Business 864-941-8505
Fennell, Steve Instructor, Accounting/Business 864-941-8645
Goff, Maryanne Administrative Assistant, Business Information Technologies & Public Service 864-941-8729
Gortney, Tommy Instructor, Commercial Art/Computer Technology 864-941-8544
Hollingsworth, Ashley Program Director/Instructor, Early Care and Education 864-941-8787
Koole, Thomas Instructor, Pottery 803-637-5388
Lindsay, Joshua Program Director/Instructor, Criminal Justice 864-941-8681
Mallory, Tammie Administrative Assistant, Early Care and Education 864-941-8381
Mandau, Richard Instructor, Accounting/Business 803-768-8156
McAlister, Kara Instructor, Accounting/Business 864-941-8634
Murray, Suzy Instructor, Business/Management 864-941-8445
Oliver, Coronicca Instructor, Computer Technology 864-941-8413
Pendergrass, Rhonda Instructor, Early Care and Education 864-941-8507
Price, Lesley Department Head/Instructor, Information Technology 864-941-8746
Sloan, John Instructor, Criminal Justice 864-941-8758
Wilson, MaryLou Instructor, Business/Administrative Office Technology 864-941-8391