Piedmont Technical College Directives

Please Note: Piedmont Technical College has moved to a new system of Policies and Procedures. The Directives below are made available for reference purposes only.

Pursuant to section 41-1-110 of the code of laws of sc, as amended, the language used in the Piedmont Technical college and South Carolina Technical College System (sctcs) policy and procedure manuals do not create an employment contract between the employee and the college or system.

the policy and procedure manuals do not create any contractual rights or entitlements. The college or system reserves the right to revise the content of this policy and procedures manual, in whole or in part. no promises or assurances, whether written or oral, which are contrary to or inconsistent with the terms of this paragraph create any contract of employment.



2-01 Piedmont Technical College Directive System

2-02 Piedmont Technical College Planning System

2-03 Information Services

2-04 College Committees

2-05 Computer Program Development

2-07 Use of Tobacco Products on Campus

2-08 Institutional Effectiveness and Research

2-09 Institutional Security of Personal Computers & Internet Resources

2-10 Use of Computers, Network Services, and the Internet

2-11 Use of Personal and State owned Cellular Telephones



3-01 Payroll Distribution

3-02 Travel Guidelines and Expense Allowances

3-03 Piedmont Technical College Accountability for Equipment Assets

3-04 Internal Requisitions

3-05 Use of the School Vault

3-06 Printing Services

3-08 Investment Guidelines

3-10 Mail and Distribution System

3-12 Late Fees and Deletion of Student Registration for Non-Payment

3-13 Insurance Programs



4-01 Piedmont Technical College Public Safety/Premise Security Officers

4-02 Traffic, Parking, and Campus Control Policy

4-03 Safety and Crime Issues

4-04 Compliance with OSHA Program Standards

4-05 Physical Plant Maintenance

4-06 Vehicle Maintenance

4-07 Piedmont Technical College Lockdown Policy

4-08 Emergency Action Plan



5-01 Administration of the Federal Work-Study Program (FW-S)

5-02 Use of School Vehicles

5-03 Management of Instructional Microcomputer Software, Audio-Visual Software and Equipment

5-04 Title IX of the 1972 Amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965

5-05 Policy Relating to Students, Employees and Visitors with Disabilities

5-06 Use of Facilities

5-06 Conference Center Lease with Alcohol

5-06 Conference Center Lease WITHOUT Alcohol

5-08 Retention and Disposition of Records

5-09 Management of Information Dissemination through an Internet Web Server

5-10 College Communications

5-11 Inservice Development of Staff Personnel

5-12 Copyright Compliance



6-01 Employee Support Activities

6-03 Overtime Policy and Work Guidelines for Employees of Piedmont Technical College Covered by the Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

6-05 Use of Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs

6-07 Employee Leave Transfer Program

6-08 No Harassment

6-09 Secondary (Dual Employment)

6-10 Establishment of Positions to be Funded with Grant Funds

6-11 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

6-12 Sick Leave Guidelines

6-13 Classified Employees Compensation

6-14 Voluntary Furlough

6-15 Temporary Employment

6-16 Employment Misconduct and Disciplinary Action

6-17 Employment Performance Management System



7-01 Grants

7-02 Inservice Development Program

7-04 Workshop and Professional Activities Program

7-06 Piedmont Technical College Foundation Innovation Funds Grant Program

7-08 Return to the Field Program

7-09 Establishment and Administration of Scholarships

7-10 Solicitation of Institutional Gifts and Fund Raising

7-11 Credit Training Program

7-12 Employment Obligation Following College Supported Education/Training Leading to Certification or Credentialing



8-01 The Development, Revision and Review of Academic Programs

8-02 Academic Course Operating Standards

8-03 The Establishment of Policies on Grading, Attendance, Honors and Probation

8-04 Admissions Criteria and Procedures

8-05 Academic Records and Schedule Adjustments

8-06 Student Attendance

8-07 Student Academic Advisement Program

8-08 Faculty Responsibilities, Work Schedule and Loading

8-09 Faculty Evaluation

8-11 Textbook and Instruction Materials

8-12 Instructional Service Projects

8-13 Employment, Compensation, Supervision and Evaluation of Adjunct Faculty and Part-Time Educational Personnel

8-14 Selection of Learning Resource Materials

8-15 Student Complaint Procedure

8-16 Recognizing Occupational Advancement Courses Initiated by Departments

8-17 Academic Scheduling and Room Control

8-18 Tutoring Services

8-19 Continuing Enrollment in Developmental/Transitional Courses

8-20 Appearance of College Facilities

8-21 Grading

8-22 Articulation with Other Educational Institutions

8-24 Student Organizations and Activities

8-25 Communicable Disease (Students)

8-26 Faculty Placement and Advancement within the Compensation Plan

8-27 Approval of Activities Affecting Academic Class Instruction

8-29 Student Instructional Complaint Process

8-30 Program Advisory Committee Policy

8-31 instructors Fluency in English as a Second Language

8-32 Academic Programs in Contract Industry Training

8-33 Development and Delivery of Distance Learning Courses

8-35 Supplemental Pay for Academic Administrators

8-36 Academic and Behavioral Integrity in Distance Learning

8-37 Campus Sexual Assault

8-38 Intellectual Property Rights

8-39 Academic Freedom and Responsibility

8-40 Guidelines for Gunsmithing Certificate Program