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This certificate provides hands-on training in the latest techniques of drawing and rendering. In addition to core courses, classes will center around basic drawing (beginning, intermediate and advanced), graphic illustration, modern art communications and color and composition.

This certificate provides students with a primary technical specialty. Students completing this certificate can, by taking selected general education courses and a secondary technical specialty, have the opportunity to obtain an Associate Degree in Occupational Technology with a major in General Technology. Students should meet with their advisor(s) to select the proper courses to meet their particular educational goals.

Program Location: Greenwood

Contact Information: Kendall Adams


Required Courses

Additional Program Information


Day or Evening Program

ARV 110 Computer Graphics I 3.0
ARV 120 Drawing 3.0
ARV 121 Design 3.0
CGC 106 Typography I 3.0
ART 101 Art History and Appreciation 3.0
ARV 161 Visual Communications Media 3.0
ARV 162 Graphic Reproduction I 3.0
ARV 123 Composition and Color 3.0
ARV 266 Seminar in Graphics Art 3.0
ARV 102 Modern Art Communications 3.0
SUMMER TERM Credit Hours
ARV 205 Graphic Illustration 3.0
ARV 265 Graphics Art Portfolio 1.0
CWE 112 Cooperative Work Experience I 2.0
Total Credit Hours: 36.0

Updated 4/18/2012


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement - Students will learn the latest techniques in Drawing, Rendering, Painting, and Graphic Illustration with a focus on developing a style and techniques for work in the Illustration field.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

1.  Recognize and describe the design software tools and procedures.

2.  Conceptualize, Design, and Create standalone design elements as assigned.

3.  Understand and apply advanced design literacy concepts.

4.  Demonstrate the ability to organize, archive, and retrieve data using current computer technologies. 


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Advisement Information

  • Basic verbal, grammar, and spelling skills are a must.

  • A very good grasp of basic computer use and navigation is required for success in this curriculum

  • Some level of proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite is highly recommended. If a student has had none or limited exposure to this software, CPT 160 or CPT 161 is recommended prior to enrollment in ARV courses.

  • Students may also wish to use this certificate to fulfill requirements for the Associate in Occupational Technology degree, with a major in General Technology.

  • Commercial art students are to be reminded that several investments into their future must be made (i.e. laptop, digital camera, portable external hard drives, etc.)

  • Advisement Information updated 10/24/2011