Nursing Assistant



This certificate in nursing assistant provides the didactic and experiential learning outcomes to successfully provide the scope of care of the certified nursing assistant. This is a one semester certificate program.


Program Location: Greenwood

Program Coordinator: Deborah Hoffman




Day Program

AHS 102 Medical Terminology 3.0
AHS 106 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 1.0
AHS 163 Long Term Care 5.0
Total Credit Hours: 9.0

Updated 6/3/2013


Advisement Information

  • Interested applicants for the NAC6 certificate should be referred to Carol Paguntalan for advising and enrollment.

  • Nursing Assistant certificate (NAC6) is eligible for Lottery Tuition Assistance.  It is not eligible for Title IV funding (PELL, Loans). FAFSA Waiver can be completed for LTA.

  • Criteria for enrollment into AHS 163 includes: 18 years old by the first day of class.

  • Additional costs for the AHS 163 class include:  books/workbooks, blood pressure kit, navy blue scrubs, white shoes, background check, drug screening, clinical insurance and a two-step TB tests.  The fees of the background check and drug screening ($82.50), lab fee ($20) and insurance ($25) will be added to tuition.

  • Applicants interested in completing the nursing assistant class through Continuing Education should contact Deborah Hoffman.  This would not include the AHS 102 (Medical Terminology) or AHS 106 (CPR).

  • Pre-nursing students can still complete AHS 163 without being enrolled in the NAC6 curriculum. 

  • The CRN for AHS 106 for Summer 2014 for NAC6 students is:  34107.

  • Pre-nursing students who wish to complete the NAC6 certificate must complete AHS 102 and AHS 106.  These students will receive an error message attempting to register for the AHS 106 class and should contact Carol Paguntalan for assistance.

Advisement Information updated 3/28/2014