Machine Tool Technology Diploma

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This diploma provides students with a primary technical specialty. Students completing this credential can, by taking selected general education courses and a secondary technical specialty, have the opportunity to obtain an Associate Degree in Occupational Technology with a major in General Technology.

Students should meet with their advisor to select the proper courses to meet their particular educational goals.

Program Location: Greenwood

Contact Information: Bob Koster


Required Courses

Additional Program Information


Day or Evening Program

MAT 170 Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry I
or approved MAT course
MTT 120 Machine Tool Print Reading 3.0
MTT 121 Machine Tool Theory I 3.0
MTT 122 Machine Tool Practice I 4.0
MTT 143 Precision Measurement 2.0
ENG 165 Professional Communications
or approved ENG course
MTT 123 Machine Tool Theory II 3.0
MTT 124 Machine Tool Practice II 4.0
MTT 250 Principles of CNC 3.0
SUMMER TERM Credit Hours
MTT 141 Metals and Heat Treatment 3.0
MTT 126 Machine Tool Practice III 4.0
MTT 161 Machine Tool Maintenance Theory 2.0
  Elective Social/Behavioral Science 3.0
Total Credit Hours: 40.0

Updated 4/4/2013


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Machine Tool Technology Diploma program is to provide the technical instruction and practical experience for skill development to enable the student to become gainfully employed in the Machine Tool Technology field.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply theoretical knowledge gained in class to complete metal working projects to blueprint requirements.

  2. Setup and safely operate all machine tools required for project completion.

  3. Apply the proper use of measuring tools for the completion of projects within stated limits.

  4. Maintain the personal discipline to complete projects on time.

  5. Use technology in machine shop related to on the job requirements.

  6. Use applicable tooling correctly during various machining operations. 


Gainful Employment Information

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Advisement Information

  • Courses are offered during day and evening hours. Spring and summer enrollment are limited - fall enrollment is best.

  • Put students in contact with Bob Koster or Johnny Merck some time during the initial registration process.

  • First term equipment costs are $300 (which includes safety glasses).


Advisement Information verified 3/17/2014