Precision Metrology Certificate


The Precision Metrology certificate is designed to upgrade or refresh skills for people familiar with measuring systems required in Advanced Manufacturing industries.

Working with tolerances on the order of millionths of an inch, Quality Control Inspectors require the knowledge to operate highly sophisticated inspection equipment such as optical comparators, profilometers and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) systems. A good mathematical background and understanding of complex GDT (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing) drawings is also required to determine the exact parameters to be inspected and how to process a part during the inspection sequence. The classes included in this certificate will benefit those with the responsibility to inspect manufactured products and also would be beneficial to any machine operator or shop manager interested in learning new techniques for inspection. The classes will require students to operate CNC equipment along with all the available inspections tools. A ZEISS Scanning CMM will be the major component of this program along with the available CMM 3D Simulation Software provided by ZEISS. Students will be encouraged to bring samples of personal work to be inspected or 3D CAD drawings used for the simulation software.


Program Location: Center for Advanced Manufacturing

Contact Information: Bob Koster



Day or Evening Program

MAT 101 Beginning Algebra
or MAT 152 Elementary Algebra
MTT 130 Fundamentals of Geometric Dimensions & Tolerances 2.0
CPT 169 Industrial Computer Applications 3.0
QAT 215 Applied Quality Concepts 4.0
MAT 120 Probability and Statistics
or MAT 170 Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry
IMT 170 Statistical Process Control 3.0
MTT 243 Advanced Dimensional Metrology for Machinists 3.0
MTT 250 Principles of CNC** 3.0
MTT 270 Operation and Programming of Coordinate Measuring Machines 3.0
Total Credit Hours: 27.0

* All classes may not be offered during specified semesters. Ask advisor for available classes.
** May require some hands-on training to be taken at the Lex Walters Campus-Greenwood.


Updated 4/5/2013




Gainful Employment Disclosures



  • This is a stand-alone certificate that requires the student to enroll in the courses as they become available.

  • The program is designed for people with some knowledge of inspection/quality/machining.  This could be experience from school or on the job.  A couple of areas in particular would be the familiarity with reading blueprints and use of basic measuring tools. 

  • Classes should be taken in the order presented in the catalog, if possible, but this is not required.  The schedule is laid out in two semesters, Fall and Spring.  It is possible that some classes may be able to be picked up during Summer term.

  • MAT 152 or 101 is the prerequisite for MAT 120.  MAT 032/012 or equivalent test score is the prerequisite for MAT 170 and MAT 152.  Certain sections of MAT 032/012 can proceed directly to MAT 101.  Please consult with college prep department with questions about MAT 032/012, MAT 152 and MAT 101 placement, if needed.


Advisement Information verified 3/17/2014