Journeyman Welding Certificate

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A wide variety of career opportunities are available to students who prepare for actual work situations through practical training in welding processes, blueprint reading and sketching.

Students in this program learn to weld in the four main welding positions on fillet welds and plate using several welding processes. This certificate prepares the graduate for employment in a variety of industrial and construction settings.

Program Location: Greenwood or Laurens County

Contact Information: Jim Fleming


Required Courses

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Day or Evening Program

WLD 102 Introduction to Welding 2.0
WLD 103 Print Reading I 1.0
WLD 142 Maintenance Welding 3.0
WLD 106 Gas and Arc Welding 4.0
WLD 105 Print Reading II 1.0
WLD 113 Arc Welding II 4.0
WLD 115 Arc Welding III 4.0
Total Credit Hours: 19.0

Updated 4/18/2012


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explain and read occupationally specific prints for welders and fabricate from a blueprint.

  2. Test to certification standards on all types of welding.

  3. Demonstrate the manipulative skills to perform groove welds.

  4. Demonstrate the necessary manipulative skills needed to apply the Gas Tungsten Arc on various joint designs, on plate with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  5. Practice safety procedures for all types of welding. 



Gainful Employment Information

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Advisement Information

  • If possible, new students should contact welding faculty (Jim Fleming or Jim Ladd) during the advisement process.

  • Students who start in fall or spring can begin with welding coursework.  New students entering summer should be advised to take general education or developmental coursework.

  • Students who works alternating shifts are encouraged to enroll in the certificate program and to rotate between day and evening classes.

  • Students may earn a welding diploma by taking the following courses beyond this certificate: ENG 165, MAT 170, PSY 103, WLD 117, WLD 132, WLD 136, WLD 154, WLD 208, WLD 212.

  • Student should be prepared to purchase welding supplies costing approximately $85.

  • A Journeyman Welding Certificate is offered in Laurens.  Contact the Laurens Campus for advisement and registration.  Students in the Laurens program who wish to complete the D.A.S. in Welding can take additional courses on the Lex Walters (Greenwood) campus.

Advisement Information verified 3/17/2014