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Career Tracks: PC Technician

The PC Technician Certificate will prepare the student who has a high degree of computer aptitude for an entry-level job in computer maintenance and network support.


Technicians in this field may be required to:

  • Maintain and troubleshoot microcomputers

  • Install and maintain microcomputer networks

Working Conditions

Technicians in this field commonly experience:

  • work inside; offices, etc.

  • work under stress to meet deadlines

  • considerable paperwork

  • sometimes repetitive work required

  • overtime / night / weekend work sometimes necessary

  • work in conjunction with others

  • work under direct supervision

Physical Demands

  • light lifting

Characteristics & Temperament

Technicians in this field should have:

  • excellent communication skills - writing and speaking

  • ability to work with data (numbers, symbols, ideas and concepts)

  • ability to work well with people / diverse population

  • ability to reason and make rational judgments

  • ability to teach oneself and learn quickly

  • attention to detail

  • ability to follow a set procedure

  • self-discipline and self-motivation

  • perseverance and patience

Employment Outlook

Employment statistics for 2011 - 2013 PTC graduates:

  • 97% placement rate

  • Graduates can expect continued education towards an Associates Degree

Some recent graduates have found work at: