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CONFU Guidelines

What is CONFU?

During the Clinton Presidency, the Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights in the Electronic Environment convened at the Conference on Fair Use to work with any copyright owners who wished to participate in the development of fair use guidelines for electronic multimedia in certain non-profit, educational settings.

The Conference was unsuccessful in its failure to gain a consensus or adopt official guidelines; however, it did provide a model for many institutions to develop their own guidelines. While the CONFU Guidelines do not carry the weight of the law, many people support the guidelines as "reasonable" measures to protect the rights of copyright owners while also advancing non-profit educational efforts through multimedia.

When do CONFU guidelines apply?

Educators may follow the CONFU guidelines for using copyrighted works to develop the following types of multimedia projects (ex. PowerPoint presentations): 

  • Projects used in traditional, face-to-face classes 

  • Projects designed for student self-study

  • Projects for remote, real-time instruction over a secure network (copy-proof technology must be employed)

  • Presentations to be delivered at peer conferences or workshops

  • Elements entered into an instructor's professional portfolio

What do the CONFU guidelines allow? 

At the 1994 conference, participants were divided into work groups to address:

For information about the guidelines that each group was developing, click on the various links above.