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Orientation Module 3: Support Services

Video Transcript:
  1. Welcome to module 3 of new student orientation.

  2. In this module, we will discuss the various types of student support services that Piedmont Tech offers to enhance your success, both inside and outside the classroom.

  3. These services include counseling, assistance for students with disabilities, grant programs, employment services, student life activities and the services provided by the Student Records Office.

  4. Counseling services are available to Piedmont Tech students to assist in a number of ways.  The Career Planning and Counseling Center houses counselors who can provide academic, personal, and career counseling, in addition to other support.  These services are available to students at all 7 PTC locations, as well as online students.  Students at a county campus may request to meet with a counselor by asking at the front desk.  Online students may inquire about counseling services by calling 864-941-8356.

  5. Academic counseling provides help with study skills, test-taking, time management, and more.  Your counselor will help you to pinpoint the academic skills for which you need to focus and will provide insight into the strategies and methods that will make you a more effective student.  Students may also take advantage of academic workshops.

  6. Career Counseling assists students with finding the careers that best suit their interests, abilities and personality.  Students who are undecided about a major, those who are contemplating a change of major, or those who wish to verify that they have chosen the correct career path are strongly recommended to use our career counseling services.  Once a career field is chosen, our trained counselors will direct you to the program of study to suit your career choice.

  7. College students have a lot on their plates.  Between your studies, work, family, and other responsibilities, life can sometimes become overwhelming.  Our counselors can provide that listening ear to allow you to talk through challenges and concerns.  They may also refer students to outside agencies that can provide more in-depth support for specific needs.

  8. The Career Planning and Counseling Center is also home to student disability services.  Students with a documented disability may inquire about obtaining accommodations to support their academic success.  Students may contact the disabilities counselor by stopping in the Career Planning and Counseling Center located at…, calling 864-941-8378 or emailing

  9. PTC also has several grant programs available to assist students.  Student Support Services is a federally-funded TRIO program that provides academic support to low income, first generation and disabled students.  The Journey Program assists students within the Engineering, Health Science, Nursing and Associate in Science areas, as well as students who are undecided about a major.  Project Genesis is available to support African American male students enrolled in the Associate in Arts, Criminal Justice, Computer Technology, Industrial Electronics, or Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning programs.  For more information, visit the College Resources tab of the ptc website.

  10. Whether you need help preparing your resume, gaining interview skills, or finding job openings in the area, PTC Employment Services can help.  A number of employment resources can be found on the ptc website by selecting Career Resources under the College Resources tab.  You may also inquire about employment services by stopping in the Student Success Center in Room 101A or by contacting David Rosenbaum at 864-941-8377.

  11. The social aspects of college life provide a needed connection with other students and can also make you a more well-rounded individual.  Be sure to take advantage of the many student activities such as college events, student clubs, interest groups, honor societies, and leadership opportunities.  To find out more, select Clubs and Organizations under the College Resources tab of the PTC website or stop by the Student Success Center.

  12. The Student Records office documents your academic progress and maintains a record relating to your time at PTC. If you need to change your major, withdraw from a class, apply for graduation, or any number of other things related to your college records, the staff in the Student Records office can assist you.  Many of the forms for initiating these actions can be found in your PTC Pathway account, or by stopping in the Student Records office in Room 139A, or going to the front desk of your county campus.

  13. This concludes module 3 of new student orientation.  Please continue to module 4 to complete the final module of your orientation.