Current Students

Orientation Module 4: PTC Pathway

Video Transcript:
  1. Welcome to the 4th and final module of new student orientation!  This module will provide you basic information about PTC Pathway, the online portal to your student information and records.

  2. Commonly referred to simply as Pathway, you have the ability to access your academic and financial records related to Piedmont Tech through Pathway.  In addition, you can perform certain tasks in Pathway, such as registering for classes.

  3. To access your Pathway account, go to the Piedmont Tech website, and click on the Pathway link in the upper right corner.

  4. You will be asked to provide a user name and password.  Your username is your student ID#, which begins with a P, followed by 8 numbers.  Your password is actually a number, which is set as your 6-digit birthdate: 2 digits for the month, 2 for the day, and 2 for the year.  Once you have entered this information, click the login button, and you will be taken to your Pathway home page.

  5. The home page is where important college announcements are posted.  You can also access and set up your student email account, which is highly recommended.

  6. By going to the student page of Pathway, you have access to a number of useful functions.  In the registration section, you can register yourself for classes by clicking on the Add or Drop Classes link.  DegreeWorks, which is also located on this page of Pathway, is an invaluable tool that allows you to create an academic plan so you can track your progress toward program completion.

  7. The Financial Aid and Tuition page is where you will find useful information about your financial aid status.  You can verify whether all needed documents have been received by the PTC Financial Aid Office.  A green checkmark indicates that the requirement has been met, and a red flag shows any requirement that has not yet been met.  

  8. Under the Business office heading, you can access and print your class schedule and account summary, which is required if you will be using financial aid funds to purchase your books.

  9. These are only a few of the most commonly used functions of Pathway.  Students are highly encouraged to explore Pathway to become familiar with its many functions.  Pathway truly allows you to access a wealth of information and resources in one centralized location.

  10. Congratulations!  You have completed the online version of new student orientation, and only one more easy step is required.  To ensure that your completion of orientation is officially recorded, please go  and complete the brief online form.  We trust this orientation has provided you important information for your success, and we look forward to serving you as a Piedmont Technical College student.