Security of Student Records

The privacy and confidentiality of all current and former student records shall be preserved at Piedmont Technical College according to the Family Education and Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA). Each student has the right to inspect and challenge the accuracy of his/her records.

Only the student may view his or her record or request in writing any issuance of the record. If other individuals wish to review or receive copies of a student's record, they must have the student's written permission to view or receive a copy. Parents or guardians may, upon validating that the student is a dependent, view or receive a copy of the student’s record.

Occasionally, colleges and universities request directory information on our students in order to offer transfer opportunities to graduates. It is the policy of Piedmont Technical College to release the name and address of students only when requested in writing by public or private, not for profit, institutions of higher education. We are required to release this information to the military when requested. Information is not released for students who request that their records remain confidential.

For more information related to PTC's policy related to the Family Education and Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA), visit our Student Records FAQ page.