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madison crispIf you're headed toward a bachelor's degree, we can help you get there. Each year, hundreds of students transfer credits earned at Piedmont Tech to colleges and universities all over the region.

Piedmont Tech offers more than 60 courses that transfer. We've also established specific transfer agreements with many of South Carolina's major four-year institutions. That means you can start with us and transfer your coursework to these schools without missing a beat.

For more details about specific colleges and universities, review our transfer guides.

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Cost savings and convenience.

If you complete a portion of your education here, you'll save thousands in tuition costs and fees. And with lots of financial aid options and a tuition payment plan, we work to make higher education affordable for everyone.

Plus, with seven locations, chances are that you'll be able to take many of your courses close to home to save on housing and commuting costs. Our extensive selection of online courses make getting your start at Piedmont Tech even more convenient.


How the transfer program works.

  1. Enroll in one of our transfer degree programs, bridge programs or in a specific transfer pathway. Our transfer and admissions counselors will help you decide which is right for you.

  2. Complete the required course work at Piedmont Tech.

  3. Transfer to a four-year college or university to complete your studies. If you participate in one of our specific transfer programs, and meet the requirements, admission into your institution of choice is often guaranteed.


How to Get Started:

Want more information about how our transfer programs can work for you? Fill out our information request form, or contact one of our transfer coordinators. Or, if you're ready to get started, you can apply now.

Lynn Mack, Dean of Instructional and Grant Development
Phone: 864-941-8449

Evelyn Beck, Dean of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 864-941-8450


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