Continuing Ed

Polarity Balancing for Massage Therapists

With Polarity Balancing founder Maruti Seidman.

16 CEUs (certified by NCBTMB # 410265-00)


Nervous System Balance
This session will balance function within the nervous system. It will assist all nervous system imbalances, improve motor and sensory functions, balance the endocrine system, and assist your client in achieving peace within. This session quiets the mind, and increases spiritual awareness.

This session with balance all of the digestive organs. It will release all subtle energy blocks held within the digestive track. Often these energy blocks are caused by holding onto old patterns of anger and fear. When these emotions are harmonized, digestion can be greatly improved. Your client will feel lighter and happier after receiving this session.

Heart and Lungs
This session will balance the fourth chakra/heart and lung. All subtle energy blocks held in the chest, shoulders, and diaphragm will be cleared and balanced. The heart chakra will be balanced from all old grief, sorrow, hurt, and sadness. Once this occurs, heart chakra function will be improved and the ability to connect to the universal love energy will be enhanced.


Category: Professional Development

Location: Greenwood

Course Number: 60003

Dates: Aug 09 2014 - Aug 10 2014
Days: Sa Su
Times: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $350.00

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